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logo_proyecto_eticaEthics Project  is a Research, Teaching and Extension Group dedicated to the study of the ethical questions of the psychological practice in the juridical field and other institutional contexts, in which psychologists work in connection with diverse disciplines and the institutional normative systems. The ongoing research project, entitled Ethics and Norms: the relation of psychologists with the deontological, legal and institutional field in the practices with children and adolescents. Descriptive exploratory study on the basis of qualitative and quantitative research. (Direction: Prof. Dr. Gabriela Z. Salomone), is part of the 2018-2022 UBACyT Scientific programme, Science and Technique Secretary, University of Buenos Aires.

Likewise, also in relation to the topic of Rights and Subjectivity, the team is carrying out a PIUBAS Project: Interdisciplinary programme for advice, intervention and continuous training on actions to protect the rights of children and adolescents. (Interdisciplinary Program of the University of Buenos Aires, 2022)

From the undergraduate course Psychology in the juridical field and other institutional contexts. Ethical-clinical reflections through a qualitative case study (Prof. G. Salomone), our activity is in permanent articulation with other work spaces.

The Faculty of Psychology of the University of Buenos Aires is home to the group, which consists of professionals and students in permanent dialogue with professionals within the field of the mental health and other disciplines as well, from other universities of Argentina and of the region, in particular, the Department of Psychology, Ethics, the chair of Psychology, Ethics and Human Rights and the project (Bio)ethics and human rights. Dialectic of particular and universal-singular through clinical-cinematical narrative (UBACyT 2018-2020. Direction: Prof. Juan Jorge Michel Fariña).

We would like to invite you to visit the different sections of this website to learn about our projects and activities. And, at the same time, we expect that the contents published here are useful for the scientific and academic work.

General Direction

Prof. Dr. Gabriela Z. Salomone
Research director
Associate Professor




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